Henna (Mehndi)

Henna, referred to as Mehndi in India, is a time-honored beauty tradition, and at AGC Fragrance, we take pride in providing natural and authentic Mehndi cones. Our product enhances the beauty of a bride's hands with a dark and rich color, creating a stunning and culturally significant adornment.

Our Mehndi cones are carefully crafted using plant-based ingredients, ensuring an authentic and traditional experience. What sets our product apart is its commitment to being ethically sourced. We prioritize the well-being of both our customers and the environment, offering a product that is not only beautiful but also conscientious.

Importantly, our Mehndi cones are designed to be gentle on the skin. With no side effects and a guarantee against causing any form of skin allergies, we prioritize the safety and comfort of those who use our product. We understand the significance of Mehndi in cultural celebrations, especially during weddings, and our cones are a testament to our dedication to providing a high-quality, natural, and user-friendly beauty solution. Beautify your hands with AGC Fragrance's Mehndi cones for a stunning and worry-free experience.